EQ Admin

EQ Admin is our CORE software for Timing and Data Handling, ensuring an accurate Result Service for the event including several different output and features.
Trough the use of EQ Admin the organizer has the chance to have the full control on the participants, payment status, extra orders and competition rules.

The total integration of all our services trough EQ Admin permit an efficient and productive interaction among all the parties involved like the Organizer, L.O.C. and EQ Timing services for Registrations, Timing, and Statistics.

EQ Admin is an extremely versatile platform with an extended number of features like SMS and email forwarding to all the participants, pre-during and post event, communicating a wide range of information, Report and Statistics, customized Layout for Results output, integration with mobile applications like RaceOne and much more...

Thanks to EQ Admin features it is possible to create a customized template for Startlist, Result lists, live timing and live tracking to merge completely with your event`s website design.